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Guidelines For Photo Submission

To ensure the best quality of printing for your photos, please follow these
guidelines when submitting your photo:

Send the original photo from your digital files, in the highest resolution
available and that are at least 300 dpi. We support photos that are 10 MB or
less in the following photo formats: .jpg and .tiff.

Terms and Conditions

Dividing your order in any way is not allowed.

A single order cannot be divided using the same photo and a different card
option. Once a card option is selected that is designated as one order. If
you want to use the same photo with another card option that would be your
second order.

You cannot use a different photo within a single quantity ordered. Once you
place your order for 25,50,100,etc. that is designated as a single order. If
you wish to change your photo(s) you must place another order.


You are entitled to one proof with each card purchased. We request that you
review your proof in a timely manner or it WILL impact your overall delivery
date. If you request / require a second proof you will be charged $10 per
additional proof.

Retouching is available

If you would like any of your photos retouched we have highly qualified
experts on staff that can provide the service on request. Retouching charges
will apply based on the amount of time required.