Guide to Sign Design

Guide to Sign Design

With a wide array of signs to choose from, it can sometimes feel daunting picking out the type that will work best for your business. But signage is a great, cost-effective way to share your messaging.

Whether it’s an investment A-frame sign you’ll use for years, or a quick creation to promote an event or offer, signs are one of the best ways to reach customers, clients and the community. 

It’s simple to get started on your new signage. Just begin by spending some time considering your marketing needs, your aesthetics and your target audience. 

Understand how your sign will be used

  • Signs can direct customers, draw attention to a trade show booth or advertise a promotion. Before settling on size and materials, however, make sure you know how your sign will be used. Ask:
  • Will the sign be used long-term (either displayed continuously or brought out for years to come) or will it advertise a one-time event or deal? 
  • Will the sign be outside or inside? And if it’s outside, will you plan to bring it in at night and during inclement weather?   Will people see the sign from up close and on foot, or will they be driving by?   Are there any measurement limitations, like doorway or window size

Create an attention-grabbing design

The next time you walk through a shopping center, drive down a commercial road or visit a trade show, make note of which signs pop and what catches your attention—for the right or wrong reasons. Your signage should be attractive, with only high-resolution photos or logos. A high-contrast color scheme will make your sign more noticeable and easier to read. 

Make your message clear

Bold text and clear typography ensures that your signage does its job and actually reaches potential customers and clients. Choose a font large enough to read from a distance, especially if you’re printing banners or full-color yard signs that folks might drive past. As for what you say, keep it to the point. Choose a single focus, like your store opening, a sale or a new provider joining your practice. 

Stick to your brand

If you already have a cohesive look to your other marketing materials, design your signage to fit with that theme. Use typefaces that reflect your industry, and be sure to include your logo on any sign—even a directional arrow or signage within your store.      If you need help designing signs that pop, contact us today to chat. We’ll assist you in determining the signage type that works best for your needs.  

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