How To Finish Your Next Printing Project

How To Finish Your Next Printing Project

When it comes to finishing your printing project, the first thoughts that might come to mind are that you’ll only have to choose from glossy, satin, or matte. However, there is so much more to consider when deciding how to finish your next printing project.

What Is Finishing? 

In printing terminology, “finishing” refers to any process performed on your project after the ink is printed. Everything from drilling holes, scoring/folding, laminating, applying textures, and more are part of the finishing process. For this post, we’re going to focus on what kind of finishes you can use to spice up your projects with a little more pizzazz. 


Adding a foil finish to your printing projects can add a great eye-catching quality that stands out. At Prima Printing, we offer two kinds of foils:


Akuafoil is a layer of silver ink applied under the regular ink color, giving it a brilliant, metallic finish. You can produce foiled half tones, gradients and have multiple colors in foil on the same design. This makes akuafoil a versatile option that can help your next printing project go the extra mile. We recommend akuafoil for business cards and flyers of all sizes.

Metallic Foil 

This kind of foil comes in gold, silver, and copper that you can use to accent your next printing project with some sophisticated brightness. You can pair it with a matte or satin laminate to help it stand out as well. Metallic foil is most often used for flyers and business cards.


Our suede laminate is a 1.5mil scuff-resistant, soft velvet laminate that creates a soft and luxurious feel for business cards and smaller flyers. One of the best parts of this type of finish is that it wraps around both sides of your printing project, so it’s not just the front that stands out. This finish also adds a little bit of thickness to your flyer or business card, so they feel more substantial in your customer’s and client’s hands.


Another excellent option for small flyers and business cards is an edge finish. You may not think the edges of these kinds of printing projects matter, but this finish can give your business an edge! An edge finish consists of a colored core fixed between two layers of bright white, premium uncoated face stock. This means that your business cards and/or flyers will stand out whether they are lying flat or tucked into a notebook or wallet.

Spot UV

You can make any area of importance stand out with spot UV for silk-finished flyers and business cards. Spot UV adds a glossy shine to specific areas of your printing project, creating contrast and enhancing the design so you get noticed. A perfect way to implement spot UV is for your company name or logo.


This is a truly unique way to increase your visibility as a company or individual and/or even commemorate certain events and milestones. Keep your business top-of-mind by utilizing a magnetized finish that will keep you in a visible place, rather than a cluttered purse or overstuffed wallet.

As you can see, there are all kinds of finishing options you can use for your next printing project to create cards and flyers that stand out from the rest. Contact us if you have any questions and happy printing!

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