Signage Tips to Pull Attention to Your Business

Signage Tips to Pull Attention to Your Business

One of the most important aspects of owning a business is having the right advertising/marketing strategies. Part of any successful advertising campaign is having great signage that catches the eyes of potential customers. If you’re ready to take your signs to the next level, read on for signage tips to pull attention to your business.


Choosing the right color combinations can be one factor in whether people will read your sign. Including your brand colors also adds to your brand recognition in the same way that most people associate red and white with Coca-Cola. As you design your signage, be sure to take the colors and how they contrast into account so that potential customers can easily read what you want them to know. It also helps to consider the background that your sign will be posted against. For example, if your sign will be in front of a dark-colored wall, making it a lighter, brighter color will make it more visible.


Overall, the best fonts to use are bold and easy to read. Avoid script/cursive fonts, especially if you want your sign to be seen from a road. Drivers won’t be able to quickly glance at and read your sign if it’s in a fancy calligraphic font. Remember that using several different fonts isn’t the best idea either. If you want to break up the look, use up to two complimentary fonts to separate the information you’re sharing. You should also ensure that there is plenty of room on all sides of the text you have on your sign. There should be space between the text and the edges of your signage so that it doesn’t look overcrowded.


Utilizing lighting with your signage can help pull attention to your business, especially if it is in a heavily shaded area or has hours after dark. However, even if you don’t actually purchase lights to illuminate your signs, it’s essential to consider the light conditions of the areas where they will be placed. For example, if your sign is in direct sunlight, using a glossy finish can take away your sign’s visibility. The sun will glare off the finish and make your sign impossible to see from many angles.


Going for irregularly shaped signage can also draw the eye and attract potential customers to your business. For example, you have probably seen starburst-shaped signs advertising big sales or other events. This is an example of using shapes to promote. You can also use shapes in the printed design of your signage to bring attention to specific information and add a unique element to it.

Using these signage tips to pull attention to your business is a great way to advertise and share information about sales and events you may be having. If you feel stuck on what sort of signage you would like, contact Prima Printing, and let us help you create the best possible signs for your business.

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