In 2001, Angel Marcelino and Chad Sims opened shop in a 220 square foot office... to provide printing for modeling and talent agency clients.

The modeling and talent agencies quickly started referring their business clients... who wanted to know where they got the eye-popping portfolios.

As word spread... so did the need for speed. And our firm quickly also became known for perfect work done fast.

Soon operations outgrew the 220 square foot office promoting a move in 2004 to Dutch Valley Place and then again in 2013 to our current location- 191 14th St. NW.

As our reputation for quality and speed grew... so did requests from new customers to help them in a pinch... because an out of town printer messed up their order, or a local printing broker promised something and failed to deliver.

To better serve the expanding demand... our parent company, Prima Atlanta... launched Prima Flyers.

Behind this website, where you select, order and upload files for as fast as 'same day' printing, are dynamic printing presses allowing customers to 'share' printing runs with others. In other words, by gang running jobs... all clients enjoy huge cost savings.

In addition to being the printing leaders for the Atlanta market... all of our offices are 'green' utilizing FSC certified papers and soy based inks.