A professional designer will bring your ideas to life!

Not only do designers give you a quality product, but they also ensure proper sizing, clarity and composition. When you hire a designer, keep the following in mind.

1. Have a clear idea or offer you want to communicate.

2. Make sure all the information is correct; date/time, location, phone numbers, website addresses, etc.

3. If you already have pictures or graphics you want included, give them to the designer before the work begins.

4. When you receive the proof from the designer, make sure you check over every detail, because the file you submit to Prima Flyers will be printed as is.

You can design your own flyer using any number of programs. For best results however, use programs meant for output that printers are familiar with such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or other print ready programs.

Avoid programs like PowerPoint as they are for computer viewing only. You may want to check out these websites for graphics you can use in your materials.

» For Logos: Brands of the World (www.brandsoftheworld.com)

» For Images & Backgrounds: OfficialPSDs (www.officialpsds.com)

» For More Images & Backgrounds: iStockPhoto (www.istockphoto.com)