1) Do you have a checklist for uploading my files?
Yes... most issues occur in these 3 critical areas.

Here's what to look for: (failure to meet these print file requirements will result in production delays)


Your resolution should be at 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the exact size of your flyer. If your flyer is 4"x6", it should be sized as a 4"x6" at 300 dpi.

Often your computer program will default to 72 dpi, you must check the resolution of your file before uploading and that may require you to manually change the dpi to 300 from 72.

2- Size

Double check to see that the size you are submitting is the size of the product you are ordering.

For instance, if your flyer is 2.75"x4.25"... then that is the exact size your submitted file should be.

3- Bleed

Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming. To achieve that, for a 4" X 6" flyer... your image should also be 4" X 6".

However, keep text, borders and other images that cannot be trimmed at least 1/8" from all edges. This keeps your piece safe during the trimming process.

2) If I place an order now, when do I hear from you?
You get an email confirmation as soon as your order is placed. 

If you encountered any difficulties uploading your order, a Prima support team rep will contact you during business hours.

Your order will be entered with estimated turnaround time as soon as print ready files are uploaded and payment is received.

For next day printing, print ready files and payment must be received by 12AM on a business day.

For same day printing, print ready files and payment must be received by 3PM on a business day.

3) What's a TAG?
You can be considered for a discount on your print job when you allow our Prima TAG, "Printed by PrimaFlyers.com", to appear in small print somewhere on your flyer. 
(Discount availability is limited and is not guaranteed when consideration is requested)

4) What are the cutoff times for quick turnaround?
Same day printing cutoff time is 3PM EST on business days.

Next day printing cutoff time is 12AM EST on business days.

Please note, to make the cutoff you must have print ready files and full payment submitted prior to the cut off time. If your files are not print ready or full payment has not been received, you will miss the cutoff time.

New customers are advised to place their first order during business hours so any issue encountered can be dealt with in a timely manner.

5) If I order flyers today, when do I receive them?
Get your Same Day order in by 3PM EST any business day, and your order will be ready to ship or pick up by EOD the same day. (print ready file required at time of purchase)

Get your order in by 12AM EST any business day and your order will be ready for next day shipment by EOD the next business day. (print ready file required at time of purchase)

The exact hour your order will be ready cannot be predicted, so if your print job is extremely time sensitive, submit it a day early or select same day printing.

6) What happens if my order is not delivered on time?
Your order will be shipped on the day promised, however, delivery times vary widely by 3rd party shipping services, which often refund shipping charges for certain missed delivery dates and will even pay limited liability for damaged or lost shipments.

Know the terms and conditions of United Parcel Service or your preferred shipper before you request Prima Flyers to ship with them.

7) How do I know if you processed my order?
You will receive an automatic confirmation that your order was placed. Once your files have been checked by our quality support team, you will receive another email confirming your order has gone into production.

If this is your first order, you may want to submit it in the morning, during business hours, so any issues can be resolved by the 3pm cutoff for same day printing or 12AM cutoff for next day printing.

8) Can I split my order, say I order 5,000 pieces and you give me 2,500 of flyer A and 2,500 of flyer B?
No, all orders are for the quantity specified for a single file, printed front and back.

9) I want to hand write a message on my flyer… why won’t the ink show?
To make your flyers stand out, a special UV coating is applied to deliver a glossy finish and will prove difficult to hand write messages or notes because this finish actually is designed to protect the printed piece. Select our "Same Day Flyers" option and you have the ability to select UV Coating, "Yes" or "No" for that purpose.

10) Do you charge sales tax?
By law, all Georgia residents are charged 8.9% sales tax and all out of state orders are not charged sales tax.

11) What file types are acceptable?
For best results, save as a JPG file. JPG (also seen as JPEG) is best since everything is flattened, you don’t have to worry about creating fonts to outlines or flattening layers or transparencies. Print files larger than 25 megabytes may be submitted with file sharing applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. 
(Reminder: Make certain that your final print file submitted is correct. Please check for all potential spelling and grammatical errors.)

You can also send in the following formats:


When sending in PDF, AI and EPS files make sure to send the fonts outlined to ensure there is no font substitution so your job is printed exactly as it was designed. Also, make sure you flatten layers in your files before submitting.

12) What if my image is not 300 dpi?
Although Prima Flyers only accepts minimum 300 dpi files and every effort is made to double check your files sometimes low resolution files are printed as is.

For highest quality printing always double check your files before uploading and note that often your computer program will default to 72 dpi until you manually change it to 300 dpi.

13) What is bleed?
Bleed is a printing term meaning the image appears to run off the page, because it was trimmed to look that way.

Our printing process allows for the design to bleed to the edges of the exact size you have requested. Please note that you will need to keep borders, copy and other area that cannot be trimmed at least 1/8" from the edge.

14) What do you mean by 'safe area'?
To keep images and copy safe from the cutting process... keep them at least 1/8" from the edge and for best practice, even 1/4" from the edge. This ensures nothing you want visible can get trimmed.

15) What are RGB and CMYK colors and how are they different?
Your computer monitor uses RGB colors: Red Green Blue.

Printers use CMYK colors: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black - which delivers crisp, clear images you want for your printed piece.

In order to make sure your printed piece comes out as you envisioned, convert your document to CMYK colors to see if there are any major differences before you upload your file for printing.

When you send your files, our high-tech equipment will convert your piece to the profiles used on our equipment but make sure you proof in CMYK, just to double check color consistency.

16) How do I know what the status of my order is?
You can log-in to your account anytime to view your order's progress. 

If there are any issues with your file, payment method, or acts of god you will be contacted by a Prima team member via email. 
(Provide the best email address to contact you and please check email regularly) 

As soon as your order is placed, you will receive an auto-confirmation to the email address you submitted with the order.

After this you will receive emails throughout the process, so you can see your order moving along including when it ships and the tracking number.

And of course, you can call us at anytime or log into your account to check status, in the event of internal system issues.

17) Who proofs my job?
In conventional printing, a press proof is given before the entire job is printed.

This is not necessary with our presses, however, follow the color guidelines discussed earlier in this FAQ section and for more information, please consult the Print 101 area of this website.

Please check your print file for accuracy before submitting. 

18) Do you stay in touch with me after I upload my files? 
Yes, first you get an auto-confirm email. Then another email confirming your files were accepted. Additional emails will keep you informed up to your shipping tracking number. 

You can also log-in to your account anytime to view your order's progress or give us a call or email us at [email protected].

19) Can I cancel my job?
No – Once your order is uploaded the process starts immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about your job call our office or send an email to [email protected] before you upload your files.

20) Do you have a return/cancellation policy?
Once you place your order you cannot cancel your job. In the event of a job being printed incorrectly, Prima Flyers will at our discretion, reprint the job or issue a refund. In either case, the printing being credited may need to be returned before a reprint or refund can be processed. In the event of printing errors, communication must be submitted and received by Prima Flyers within 48 hours of pickup of the completed order for consideration.

No refunds will be issued on hardware such as banner stands for step and repeat banners or retractable banners.

*Please note: Orders over sixty (60) days old that have not been picked up, will automatically go to recycle. No refunds will be available.*

21) Is your website secure?
Yes, the Prima Flyers website has a dedicated SSL certificate so you can safely and securely place your order.

If you are not comfortable entering your credit card info online simply call the office during business hours and a Prima rep will process the payment over the phone. Please keep in mind that your job will only begin after payment is received.

22) What happens if I send incorrect files?
All effort should be made by you, the customer, to submit the correct files at initial order placement. Print orders move to the initial printing process immediately and we do not issue refunds on orders that contain design mistakes by a non Prima designer. You will be responsible for any additional fees/costs associated with a reprint using the correct print file.
The Prima Flyers quality control team will make every effort to delay your job during the pre-screening process and contact you about issues, if detected.

However, you are responsible for proofing your files including but not limited to spelling, resolution, size, images, color, etc.

Take the time to verify everything before you upload your files.

23) How do I resend files?
If you have been contacted by the Prima Flyers quality control team and asked to resend files you will be given a special link or email address for resending. Print files larger than 25 megabytes may be submitted with file sharing applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

You may email the files to [email protected] if they need to be resent.

24) Do you print in full color?
Yes, your job is printed on a full color digital offset press.

If you are printing a banner or other wide format, output is done on our HP R2000 flatbed full color machine.

25) What are my payment options?
For your convenience and for fastest turnaround you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

You can also pay by cash or money order; however this can delay your job because work will only begin when payment is received. When do you charge my credit card?

Your card is charged at the time you place your order so payment is confirmed before your job is put on the press in as little as 5 minutes after you place the order. 

*Please note: Orders over sixty (60) days old that have not been picked up will automatically go to recycle. No refunds will be available.

26) How can I guarantee exact color?
Your job will be printed at a very high quality utilizing our state-of-the-art printing technology. If you have any concerns regarding brand specific color prints, please contact us via email at [email protected]

*Gang-Run Prints/Next Day Prints are a great way to get large quantities at a lower cost, where exact cuts and color are not a priority. By selecting our Gang-Run/Next Day option you are consenting that you understand exact cuts and colors are not guaranteed. 

However, if you are promoting clothes, jewelry or any product and service where you must see a color proof to match up before printing, contact us via email at [email protected] or call 404.355.7200.

27) How do I use My Rewards, points, and gift certificates?
Did you know you can earn points on your purchases and cash them in for store credit? (some restrictions may apply)


When you purchase an item on primaflyers.com, you earn one point per dollar spent. For example, one $15 order of business cards earns you 15 points.

Check how many points you have now on your My Account page under the My Rewards section. Click Details to see your points history, or click Redeem to cash in your points for credit towards a new purchase on primaflyers.com. (Rewards points expire after 1 year of initial purchase)

You can redeem your points for either a $25 or $150 gift certificate, costing 500 or 2500 points, respectively. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Log In Your Account at Primaflyers.com
  2. Go to the "MY REWARDS" section and click on "REDEEM"
  3. Select the value you wish to redeem and click the "REDEEM" button beneath your selection
  4. Click "Proceed to Checkout" and complete transaction
When you confirm and submit your gift certificate choice, we will send you two emails. One email will be an order invoice as you're used to seeing, and the other will contain your gift certificate code and instructions. You should receive these emails immediately, but during peak business hours it may take a few minutes to process. If you do not receive your emails within an hour, please check your account to make sure your email is correct.

Now, the next time you check out, you can use the gift certificate code (usually starts with "GC", followed by numbers) at the checkout page or my cart page.

On the Shopping Cart page, you can put the gift certificate code in the Apply Coupon field and click Go! to apply the coupon. The page will reload, and your gift certificate will appear below under Gift Certificates.

On the One Page Checkout page, you can put the gift certificate code in the Apply Coupon field near the Order Total and Balance section. Click Go! to apply the coupon, and it will appear below the total. 

28) What is Prima's Holiday Schedule?
Prima will be closed
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Break 
Christmas Break
New Years Break

*After Hours Pick Up availability may vary during holiday periods. Please check our website for updates*