The paper used for your projects are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council dedicated to promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Soy ink is made from soybeans instead of petroleum. In addition to being more environmentally friendly you also enjoy brighter colors and recycling is easier to recycle. And soy inks have low levels of "volatile organic compounds" reducing air pollution.

Reduced Emissions
Prima Flyers invested in an ultraviolet light drying process that reduces 90% of volatile emissions into the atmosphere.

All excess paper is recycled, nothing is sent to landfills.

Waterless Printing
Waterless printing does not rely on isopropyl alcohol or water like conventional printing. This shortens production time, eliminates water consumption and reduces the release of volatile organic compounds.

Presstek Direct Imaging Printer
This printing technology completes jobs 38% faster than conventional printing, resulting in less energy consumption. Presstek also allows for chemical-free plate making.

Shorter Print Runs
Prima Flyers’ technology allows small quantity print runs eliminating waste by efficiently printing the actual amount of material they intend to use.